Part Deux

IKEA Boy is ready to quit, and I can’t blame him.

Pussy Demure said something to the effect that maybe he needs to look for another job. Like her miserable, 80-year-old crusty ass has any room to talk! Jesus H. It was HER FAULT that the bullshit about being “fired” went through, even though it was a direct quote. But apparently she met with Jackie Chan and H.R. and Howard (WTF?) before meeting with IKEA Boy (sneaky bitch, I knew she was going to do that). She completely made this seem like his fault, which it wasn’t.

Plus, she also made some catty remark that in the 1990s (the topic of his story that’s in question), he was in junior high school. What a cunt! We were out of college, actually, during the events in question, but that was just nasty of her, to imply that she thinks he’s a kid. He could sue her for that. IKEA Boy, if you’re reading this, document that conversation!!!

Now he has left the building, and he just phoned me to say he’s going to quit. I will absoutely freak if he does that … I know I made this 250-mile move for myself, but I am not suffering through this crappy pay and zombie-like work environment if he isn’t here. I swear, if he’s going to New York, I’m stuffing myself in his trunk and going with him. Like I said two posts ago, I can take or leave D.C. — I’m a better person for having lived here, but it isn’t my endpoint.

Blah. I’m being selfish. But I don’t know how to make things better for him in this working environment. I’ve tried to share my knowledge and the hard knocks that Two Strikes gave me. But even I had to know when it was time to walk away from a displeasing job situation. It’s just a shame, because IKEA Boy really throws himself into his work, and he’s always treating the gals in the Pub Club to breakfasts in his office (he knows we have soft spots for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and also for bagels-n-cream-cheese). It just sucks that we work for assholes. But isn’t that the story of our lives?

I just hope IKEA Boy comes up with maybe a revised game plan … it would suck to have to leave on their terms. I’d rather see him demonstrate that today’s debacle made it seem like his professional reputation was questioned, and that he is truly a professional who just wants to end this mess so that we can start the new issue without the specter of this one hanging over our heads. I disagree with our superiors completely, but hey, it’s their money and aggravation, not ours. We’ve done our jobs.

At any rate, just got a quick call from IKEA Boy that he’s meeting with Jackie Chan tomorrow morning. Kiddo, stay cool and say your peace. Do NOT let your (quite justifiable) anger see the light of day. Be the better person. Be better than these assholes — believe me, it’s not hard to do. 😉

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