This month has just sucked at work. Between the re-print of the October issue, scrambling to catch up after days away from the office, and unpleasantries with Jackie Chan on IKEA Boy, Shan’s and now my parts, I’d be more than happy to quit my job and take my chances with consulting for a company that might actually appreciate some talent and vision. But, does such a place exist? I keep hopping from organization to agency to association, looking for greener pastures, yet all I find are sacred cows and scared little calves who are in charge. Damn it. Now I’m hungry for steak. … 🙂

Only spent a half-hour or so at the gym today. Loser. But there were some INCREDIBLE (and EDIBLE!) men there. Usually you see the bonehead bodybuilder types, but today, all the hot boys must have decided to have a convention at Bally. Damn! Who wants to be seen all sweaty and red-faced when yummy eye candy is looking at us?

Speaking of Bally, Wobin called me today and told me how frantic she was when she heard about a recent overseas bombing … in Bali. When the news first broke, she thought they meant my gym. Hah. But we have to cut her a bit of slack, as she’s already nuts over the beltway sniper. The woman’s paranoid. Hee hee … Hear that, Shan? Bally was bombed! We don’t have to exercise anymore!!! ROFL

An oddity I recently discovered about my working habits is that I complete projects in the reverse order in which they were assigned. Short attention span? I feel like a baby … show me something shiny and new, and it distracts me. Now, how do I make that work in my favor?

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