Rockin’ and Rollin’

Emphasis on the rolling, of course!

Madonnarama was a blast. Paul and Bryan came out with us, and I met some fantastic new people. Last night, Mikey was in a dance performance on the stage … it was awesome! I’d never seen him dance before. My, to be that flexible. …

Matt didn’t show last night, but his roommate Ryan and two of his friends made the journey up to Alexandria last night to accompany us. He had his reasons for laying low, and I understand that it wasn’t to avoid me. Hee hee. Doesn’t that boy know that he could have gotten laid last night? Sheesh. I haven’t had 20-year-old cock since, well, I was 20 myself, and it would have been a pleasant way to spend this morning. (I could’ve ridden that poor boy down the Beltway, thanks to my yummy pill.) Oh well. Maybe next time. 🙂

I rolled pretty hard this time. I think I consumed way too much water, because I was nauseated for awhile. But it was nothing that a couple of bong hits couldn’t cure, though.

IKEA Boy is going to Pittsburgh with me for Turkey Day. It was ironic that he even brought it up, because I had toyed with the idea of inviting him, but I know that going to the ‘Burgh isn’t his idea of fun. I am ripping apart my room right now, looking for a certificate I bought in a silent auction for a weekend stay at the Ramada that includes dinner at the Ruddy Duck, which is a top-notch restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh (ironically, I had been the one who received the donation for Two Strikes, and I ended up paying $150 for it. Hah! But it’s a $500 value, so I’m fine with it. I’m glad it will finally come in handy).

Mom will probably be bummed that I’m not staying with her, but honestly, I am tired of sleeping on the couch, although that couch once belonged to MV. Every time I sleep on that couch, I dream about her. Just to go back in time five and a half years … there is so much I would have done differently. I was so in love with her, and so afraid to let it happen because of what that meant. She probably would have become just a memory anyway, but it would have been preferable to the regret I now carry.

At any rate, Mom is thrilled to play hostess, and she’s even happier that I am NOT driving. lol. She is fine with my driving, but IKEA Boy refuses to sit in a car with me for four hours each way, listening to me road raging all over the place. Yeah, wait till he hears Maddie howling from the backseat … both of his girls bitch when we’re in the car!!!

My 10-year high school is that weekend. When I got the e-mail asking me to RSVP, I was the first respondent … with a big fat NO!!! Why would I see all those losers when I have so many BETTER friends I want to see while I’m there?

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