See Dawn’s day. See Dawn’s day go downhill.

E-mail from the Exec, 12:18 p.m.


You must have survived the February issue as I am reading a copy right now. Congratulations on a job well done. I know that you had a steep learning curve, not to mention having to crank out all those stories at the same time!

I appreciate your dedication to getting the paper out, and for your ability to make good on your commitment to do all of this in a way that was seamless to our members!

Great job. Thanks.



E-mail from the Prez, 12:38 p.m.


Thanks so much for stepping into the breach and getting The Veggie Patch Gazette, one of our most valuable member services, out for February.

Your willingness and ability to go above and beyond expectations (and the call of duty) is both noted and appreciated.

The Prez

V.M. from the Exec, 4:14 p.m. Copied to Demure.

Overall, while the issue was good, I am following up on my promise to mention when I find things that (were done wrong). And so, the ad on page 23 was never approved by me, and I would like to know why it appears. Not to mention that it has a date on the bottom of October 2003, so now I have to (do a small amount of damage control, thanks to you). I want an explanation.”

Dawn’s response via e-mail, to Exec and Demure. Copied to Graphic Goddess.

Hi Demure and Exec,

I am responding via e-mail to Exec’s voice mail from 4:15 p.m. Wednesday regarding the ad that appeared on Page 23.

Per the list of house ads, an ad called “(Veggie) Magazine” was to appear there. During some discussions with Graphic Goddess, we deducted that the ad should exist on film or paper in (the publishing quarters’ offices), as I did not have a hard copy of it here, nor could Mac Guy or I locate it on disk or in the computer.

Unfortunately, as I was battling the stomach flu Sunday morning, I got a call from (my beloved publishing house), asking me to come in and locate the ad. I was here for several hours, to no avail, looking for this missing ad, and I ultimately decided to substitute a previously run ad, as I was getting sicker by the minute. I decided, as a last resort, to choose the particular ad that ran, and I must have overlooked the date that appears at the bottom.

Please let me know if further explanation is needed.


I kicked ASS today, despite the fact that I was annoyed at Demure’s request that I account for how my work went this weekend. But as she is a micromanager that way, I have to forgive her, because that’s just her style. She works all the damn time — I suppose she’s just thrilled to have someone else who burns the midnight oil.

But the VM countered any warm fuzzies that could possibly have been generated by the initial e-mail. I think it’s fairly obvious that a case is being built against me, should I actually go ahead and apply for editorship. And I didn’t mention that I’d called Graphic Goddess on Sunday, between bathroom trips, but I was unable to reach her as I tried to make a final decision. So I made a bad call. It was better than all the ads with snowflakes and autumn leaves in them. And I was too sick to really read for dates, let alone try to change them.

Please, please, let there be no further glaring errors. If this is the worst he can come up with, fine. But considering that he was definitely reading the fine print in order to come up with material for the voice mail, well, my guess is that he’s going to be doing some long and hard reading tonight. Oh goody.

For my salary, I do NOT need this aggravation. I did my best, and if that’s not good enough, well, I can do no better. Not in this environment, anyway.

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