Road trip

After another miserable day at work (problems galore with the f’ing newspaper), I’m done till Friday. I’m now running around like a fool, shopping and doing laundry to prepare for a trip up North to surprise the family for my grandfather’s birthday dinner tomorrow. Luckily, I did a lot of cleaning yesterday, so barring the usual catload of shit in Pooh Corner, the house should be in good shape for me to return to. I just wish I were in some amount of good shape!

I was very bad this weekend and took an old happy pill that I’d hidden in the abode. I got four really good hours out of it before sleeping it off (instead of a day of happiness and a day and a half of letdown). The bad part, though, was that I absolutely demolished a box of cappuccino meltaways. The whole friggin’ box. In one sitting. Note to self: pick up more whilst in Pittsburgh!

I treated myself today to Joss Stone’s new CD. If you like Joni Mitchell (and I know one person out there who does), pick this album up. Now. This will be fabulous driving music to keep me mellow while all the idiots surround me on the highways. Speaking of which, some dumb bitch cut me off to pick up the Beltway exit. I mean, I had to slam on my brakes and so did the asshole tailgating me — she had no turn signal, no room to merge and, clearly, no brains. I almost swallowed my cigarette!

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