Random rants

As my blog is still not behaving, I am overflowing with stuff about which to blog, but I just haven’t been bothering. I’ll post some more photos this weekend, but for now, here are some random rants:


I got the go-ahead to hire an intern for the time being, as I am too busy to interview for my newly opened position in my department. I even have the girl in mind — the daughter of one of my more useful colleagues who is a journalism major with publications experience. She’s OK that it’s unpaid, and I can guarantee that she’ll show up, ’cause her mom will be driving her to work every day. Frosty was cool with it and told me that I had no paperwork nor songs and dances to do to get her hired, and I was thrilled. Then Pussy Demure had to piss on my Wheaties and essentially told me to jump through a few hoops before she’ll approve my request. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. She wants to know why having an intern will benefit the Veggie Patch. Duh! Free fucking labor, you asshole!!!


I am horny and sexually frustrated and attempting to boycott the vibrator for the time being. I am ready to rape someone, anyone who happens to come within 10 feet of me. So unless you want to be ravaged, stay the fuck away from me. 🙂

Tiff and I are talking about going month-to-month on the lease once it expires, which will benefit both of us financially and emotionally. I figure, if I happen to murder someone at the Veggie Patch and have to go to jail, she isn’t locked into another year-long lease when I go to prison.

The War

Isn’t it over yet? Let’s just wipe the Middle East off the fucking map already. And get that bin Laden creep while we’re at it.


Congrats to Andrew for launching his very own domain! You can still read his rants at his blogspot addy. If I could find my fucking sidebar, you’d see links to him there. 🙂 Andrew’s a seasoned journalist who is embarking on a new career with a brand-spanking new master’s degree (well, soon, anyway!), so keep an eye out for this rising star.

The Weather

It sucks. Ass. It was in the low ’80s in California, it was snowing in Pittsburgh and it’s raining in Virginia. It’s wreaking havoc on my damn sinuses.


I must’ve caught something while I was in Pittsburgh, because I’m all heartburny and grumbly and feeling just plain blah. My stomach is continually upset. I don’t even feel like smoking! (Although that hasn’t seemed to stop me much. lol) Everybody send some good wishes to Dave, too, as he’s not doing so well himself in the health arena — maybe a hot shower and/or a wet t-shirt contest at his place might cheer him up a little bit. 🙂

‘American Idol’

Tonight I threw my votes to my beloved Clay as well as to Ruben. It was Ruben’s rendition of “Kiss and Say Goodbye,” at such an appropriate time in my life, that won me over. And Clay is just such a cutie — who can help but love him?

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