Random quote, part deux

Speaking of DVDs (see entry below), I bought the Melissa Etheridge “Live and Alone” DVD from Amazon.com, and I also bought her book, “My Life in Love and Music.” I am breathlessly awaiting their arrival, and I hope it happens before Xmas, ’cause they’re getting delivered to the office, which is closing down till Jan. 2.

At any rate, those of you who have ordered from Amazon know that you are entitled to special “Gold Box” offers, that are discounted for an hour, just for you. 🙂 Anyway, the other day, I was surfing for other shit that I can’t afford, and I opened my Gold Box, only to find an offer for a “Concrete Vibrator.” HUH?!?!! That was one bad-ass powertool, priced at $300 (well, for me, it was $80 cheaper). Anyway, I mused to my Instant Messenger friends about why the fuck I’d get THAT as a special offer. Then I realized that, perhaps, the geniuses at Amazon saw that I am a Melissa fan and automatically assumed that I could use an industrial-strength power tool. … 😉 It’s a wonder they didn’t advertise hiking boots and flannel shirts, although those could be in TODAY’S Gold Box!!!

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