1. Mouth Almighty (at work) is going down. And I hope I get to hold her down while Shan beats her ass to a bloody pulp. I hope she kicks the shit out of Town Crier while she’s at it. Those two are the Duo of Evil, and they must be destroyed for their meddling in a sensitive situation.

2. Had a nice dinner with Shan and great bitching session with Shawn. Missed “American Idol” but it was worth it.

3. I regret going stalking today, because there I go again, chasing after a man. Fuck it. He comes to me, or nobody comes! 😉

4. Why Pussy Demure insisted on meeting with me today, and then insisted that we meet again tomorrow, is beyond me. I am sick of her fucking micro-, non-management. Fuck everyone at that stupid workplace who has to scramble to justify their jobs, while keeping the rest of us from DOING our jobs!

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