"Goin’ Prowlin’ …. tooooooniiiiight"

After relentless Dogpiling, I finally found an address for my Candy Bar Man. And I used my lunch break to go stalking. 😉

Turns out that he lives like two blocks from Shawn, so I might have to be a more regular visitor to the neighborhood, if this is indeed the right address. 😉 Damn, the place is outta my price range, so the guy must be, too, right? Heh. One wouldn’t peg him as really having any money (minus the very nice car he drives).

At any rate, money doesn’t scare me — I’ve got a tiny bit of my own and that’s the only person’s money I ever intend to handle. I’ve been poor and hobnobbed with Pittsburgh’s most elite, without any of them ever having a clue how destitute I always was, so that’s no problem. Hmm. At any rate, I’m more concerned about the personality. We seem to click in the brief conversations we have, but I’d love to get to know him in a setting where we aren’t terrified and frustrated — shit, attending dance class is like sleeping with someone for the first time! It’s all awkward and tense and disastrously funny at the same time.

I’ve been wanting to move to the Duke Street area (after abandoning the idea of going to Arlington — I refuse to sit in I-395 traffic to commute to work!), so maybe this is my impetus to localize my apartment search a bit more. Tee hee. I feel like such a stalker — and here I’d thought I was out of practice after all these years!

At any rate, I need to figure out a way to bump into him in public (without stalking him to see where he loafs or shops!). Any suggestions?

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