Personal Ad Hell, Part Trois

No word from RK, re: the note I dropped him (below). No shocker there. Weirdly, though, he didn’t even sign in to AIM today, and he logs on around 7 a.m. every day. Did I scare him? lol — BOO!!! Waste of humanity, just like the rest of them.

Scary Boy Robbie has IMed a few times (I’ve had my “away” message on every time and truly WAS away) — he asked finally if he scared me away. ROFL. Uh, YEAH!!! Duh!!! I should just tell him to fuck off, but perhaps he’ll just drop off the radar screen within a few days. If not, then I’ll tell him to blow an ass gasket elsewhere. hee hee.

Got my Virginia driver’s license today (the DMV is known as the INS, and accordingly, I was the only American in there). Just looked at the damn thing, and they listed my sex as MALE. Motherfucking MALE!!! Did my breasts blind the guy behind the computer? They ain’t pasties, sweetie. God damn it, now I have to go back to the INS to get it fixed. ARGH!!! I wish they hadn’t confiscated my PA license — the photo was better, the license was prettier and everything on it was correct.

Otherwise, I had a fun day with IKEA Boy, shopping and assembling a piece of furniture for his bedroom (from IKEA, lol). I drove, for a change, and I think he’s going to need some more blond highlights to cover up the gray hairs I caused him to sprout today. I’m not a bad driver, just a Type A on crack. And, the spirit of Maddie invaded my body (which frightened IKEA Boy) — I was all “Ass-HOLE!!!” and “Kiss my fat, furry ass!” on I-395. I can’t help it and frankly, I don’t remember much of what I said or did, other than road raged between Springfield Mall and Pentagon City. But now I know why — I’m a man, and my driver’s license says so.

One could always make the argument that I am a gay man in a woman’s body, so naturally the cashier at the INS could have been confused. 🙂

Tiff just made my night by feeding me a sweet treat. Yum! And she also gets the Roommate of the Year Award (and so what if she’s the only roomie I’ve had this year?) because there is a long shot that I can get a little action in a couple of weekends, and she offered to make herself scarce, just in case. Woo hoo!!! Thank you, thank you!!! At any rate, either A.) it won’t happen, or B.) I’ll be too messed up to even drive here, and the offer will be for naught. But at any rate, when I DO roll in after a night of partying (and because it’s Madonnarama at Nation, I shall be happily fucked up!), it’s usually not till after 7 a.m. anyway, so she’d probably be up and out by the time I got back here. Aaah, keep your fingers crossed for me!!! I should design a cologne called “Desperation” (or does it exist already? lol). Or, more directly, “Somebody PLEASE Fuck Me!!!” Do you think I can get Neiman-Marcus or Nordstrom to carry that fragrance? I’m tired of wearing my Heterosexual Male Repellent!!!

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