Maryland/VA Shootings

This shit is getting out of control:

Map of Shootings

Let’s find this fucker (or merry band of fuckers) and send him over to the Middle East … The U.S. government isn’t swift enough to hunt down Bin Laden and Hussein, but I think this nutcase might just bring us world peace, if we can redirect his anger appropriately.

It’s just strange … what’s the pattern? He (they?) has hit a multitude of ages, genders and nationalities. What the fuck is going on in this world? I was so leery, putting gas in my car this morning. And I want to run out to pick up Bon Jovi’s new CD at Tower today, but of course it’s in a shopping mall, where trigger-happy-boy may just decide to have an after-work shooting spree.

I know … he needs Ecstasy, so he’d want to kiss everyone instead of shooting them. heh. Just another reason to legalize drugs!!! High people don’t get angry. Who’s with me on this one?!?!

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