Perpetual nipple hard-on

OK, so I gave up and took an ice-cold shower this morning. Sweet mother of pain. My nerve endings are electrified.

There’s a new commercial out for Herbal Essences — I think it’s for the body wash. Some chick gets into the shower and her dipshit husband starts yelling that they don’t have hot water, and should he call a plumber? And she screams, “No!” and lathers up in the body wash, and it gets all hot and steamy in there.

All I have to say, kids, is that I want them to shoot that commercial with a shower that ONLY has cold water. There will be shrieking, no question, but it won’t be in pleasure.

Of course, maybe I need to go buy some of that Herbal Essences crap, till my hot water comes back. ‘Cause today’s shower just sucked, not to mention that it smelled like a community center pool, with all the damn chlorine the water treatment plants must have dumped into the H2O supply. Ick.

Oh, and the coffee pot won’t work. How am I supposed to bring my body temperature back up to normal without coffee?!?!

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