Kadi’s back!

Subtitle: Wish I could say the same about the hot water.

Well, I picked up the Short Bus cat from Paul today. We had a nice visit — and as we had our appendixes out within a week of each other, we could commiserate about how bad the hospital care was. Cripes, we sounded like a coupla old farts, bitching about our health. 🙂

I brought the cat home so that Mikey could pick her up today, but I just left him a message saying that I think I’d like to give it one more try with the girls. If Maddie gets depressed again, Short Bus goes for good. But if they can at least learn to co-exist, then I’d rather keep the kitty with me. I had assumed that, if they didn’t get along, Mikey could just keep Short Bus. But instead, he’s got too much going on (and is fostering three brand-new kittens right now), so Kadi would have to go up for adoption. And I was feelin’ pretty guilty about that, so I’ll give it one more go. Wish me luck! So far, the girls are quiet and just watching each other, so I will take that as a sign of good things to come.

The hot water will be off for another four days, according to my neighbors Bob and Sue. Great. Just frickin peachy. But Bob and Sue also don’t have a/c, which I do have, so their lives are much rougher right now. Damn storm. Paul and Bryan are still waiting for their cable to come back on. I think no cable is the worst problem of the three — I can’t imagine sitting around, convalescing, without a TV to lull you to sleep. 🙂

But as for me, well, I hate to say it, but I am in no hurry to take another frostbite-inducing shower anytime soon, so I am not going to be going out or inviting anyone over in the near future. At least the TV doesn’t care how much I reek. 🙂

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