Oh yes it’s ladies ’80s night

Subtitle: Gettin’ purty

Gettin’ ready to see the Pointer Sisters at Nation tonight. In honor of the ’80s theme, I have sufficiently ruined curled and fried and teased my hair so much that it looks like it did in my senior high middle school yearbook. I’ve got the makeup down pat, to the pale lips and dark eye stuff going (but I adamantly refused to put on blue eyeshadow. In a room full of 800 gay men, I can go retro but NOT tacky!!!).

In other words, ’80s night down here means that everyone is going to look like a Pittsburgher — circa 2003. Hah! 🙂

It’s a well-deserved night out, and I’m sure I’m gonna get in trouble. Some people try to avoid it, but I embrace it.

In any event, I’ve got miles to go (and four cities to hit, most of them twice!) before I sleep. Don’t wait up, and hope you have a rockin’ Saturday night too!

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