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Florida? Is weird.

So, we all know it’s the recovery capital of America. I’d say the sobriety capital, but that doesn’t mean much, especially when you have people like me keeping Total Wine in business.

I broke my two whole days without a cigarette streak when I ducked into Walgreens today to enjoy the air conditioning and, oh what the hell, Marlboros are on sale for $5.21. Whee!

So, I was standing in line — and mind you, this place is next to a church where all those “Anonymous” meetings are held — and the guy in front of me said, “Guess what?”

Now, you can take the girl out of D.C. but you can’t quite take it out of her. I assumed he would want me to know that Congress passed the budget. And BOY am I ready to talk about THAT clusterfuck. 🙂

I asked what, and he said, “Jesus loves you!”

I laughed, said thank you, and told him that made my day. Because it did.

It just goes to show how different things are down here. Everyone’s loving Jesus and working their steps and perfecting their tan. If I still lived up there, I can guarantee I would have been at the office today. If I still had one, of course. 😉

I say all of this to report that I got the day off from babysitting today. Woo hoo! I drove all over creation and entertained myself with shopping, beach time and the eternal quest for the perfect Chicago hot dog.

The houseguest from outer space (I kind of like the combination of terms!) is always on the quest for the perfect BBQ, and I’ve driven all over hell’s half acre to hit every BBQ truck within a 50-mile radius. So on my way to hot dog land, I saw a truck in front of a market I’ve always wanted to stop at.

So, the “market” is really a dinky restaurant run by the nicest bunch of, well, idiots I’ve ever met.

The truck comes courtesy of one of the local sober houses, and employs people in recovery.

I should have run away. But I stayed. And ordered something I thought mom would like. And reiterated my order four times. She repeated it back each time and then asked what I ordered again. Oy.

Then they couldn’t get my credit card to work. That took four people and a half hour of my time. They forgot that someone cannot be using the phone while they run the number. Oof. How do these places stay in business?

Of course, the order was wrong. So, very, wrong. I want to support my local recovery community, but I’ll skip that place for the rest of my life.

Anyway, it kind of made me grateful for the problems I have. Or, at least, happy for the ones I DON’T have.

That’s where I kind of get into it with the houseguest sometimes. That every time she gets mad at me for not being Super Daughter, she could have done worse. I always tell her to go move in with Jenelle from “Teen Mom 2” and see how life is THEN. That usually ends it. For the time being. 😉

I’ve decided I want a puppy for my birthday. Kadie’s pretty happy as an only child, but she could stand to lose a few pounds and, frankly, so can I. A dog would get me out of the castle in the sky much more often. And as I learned today, being let off the leash makes for a happy Goddess, too.

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