1. I am really cranky when I have a cold. I’m even bitchier when I’m going through withdrawal, after not having a cigarette for a week. Grrr. …

2. Packing is therapeutic (although a cigarette would be even more so). Especially when I can finally see my bedroom floor ’cause everything that was strewn upon it is now in a box somewhere.

3. I have more boxes than I have square footage in the current apartment.

4. My entertainment center and overstuffed couch are huge! God, how the hell are we going to lift those items?

5. A dreaded Pittsburgh trip is in short order (did I mention how much I hate the drive?). I need to get my microwave that’s in my mom’s closet, as well as the grill she and my grandfather are buying for me.

6. Moving party or housewarming party?

7. Mixed feelings about becoming a mommy again. Right now, I have to convince Maddie that she needs to be a good big sister, after being an only child for seven years. The adoption is this coming Saturday, but the little four-pawed wonder will move in with us once we inhabit the new place. Am I ready to go through the new-mother phase again? 😉

8. Not paying bills is liberating while you’re throwing away the invoices, but that only means that I’ll owe triple (at least) once I’m settled at my new Seminary Road address.

9. A washer/dryer in my apartment has been the ultimate amenity. I will miss it so.

10. Liz Phair’s new CD rocks. Live’s, however, does not. And I’m madly addicted to Michelle Branch’s new CD. And I made my own CD compilation today, called Insidiousness. Seemed to fit the state of things. Need another name for a CD I’m burning tomorrow. Any thoughts?

11. Scott and I were reminiscing about drive-in movie theaters. He is looking to sell the idea of going to one to Clown Feet, at which time I listed the benefits as being something along the lines of enjoying films, flasks, foodstuffs and fags (the cigarettes, of course!). Damn it, now I want to go to a drive-in! A Super Wal-Mart replaced the last standing one in Pittsburgh. Something about wearing my cutest jammies so that I could fall asleep in the car brought back warm memories of my ex-stepfather jerking me awake because he had paid for my admission.

12. My heart is soaring because Shan’s back from Hawaii. The bad news is that she has to set foot for the first time into the Veggie Patch tomorrow. Cruise Director is springing a surprise donut-and-bagel gathering for her first thing in the a.m., so I warned her about it. She hates surprises. She thanked me, as she likes to roll in late and avoid the people she hates who get there early. Heh. Now we’ll all be gathered like one big Manson family, in her honor. Oh, the humanity. 😉

13. My mom, Shan and Shawn are my heroes these days. It’s not that they necessarily talked me off a ledge, but I think that, if it came to that, only they could. They have a tendency to say what I’m thinking, without me saying it. And I value that more than they know, because it shows either A.) I’m not crazy, or B.) If I’m crazy, I’m in good company. *hugs ‘n ‘at, friends*

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