Goin’ postal

Okay, I adored my interviewee today. I feel like I am a terrible interviewer, as I ramble and lose my train of thought, but as I told this gal, I was actually feeling nervous because I wanted to impress her, in addition to her wanting to impress me.

I have two more candidates tomorrow, but something again is telling me that she is the right one. Even H.R. loved her. But we have two men coming in tomorrow, and we might have to sacrifice talent if one of them is hot enough. 😉 We need some men around this place — there ain’t nothin’ to look at in these hallways, other than the ghostly visages of presidents past.

I decided I don’t want last week’s candidate. Her personality was great, but she didn’t have the experience in Quark, Adobe, etc. that I need for the candidate to have. Her design experience was limited to Publisher and clip art. Eeek! But the gal today knows her layout and design, and she’s a good writer and photographer. And my big deal is that I don’t want to pigeonhole the person into certain responsibilities — I want the person to spread their wings and do what they’re great at and learn the stuff they don’t know so well. Likewise, maybe some of the duties I am keeping for myself would be best delegated to that person, in time.

I also had my discussion with the workplace violence folks. It was interesting, but I failed to pick up any pointers. 🙂 But it seems that I exhibit all the signs of being a loose cannon — loss of interest in the work, a subpar performance review (which H.R. actually encouraged me to challenge!), emotional changeability, lack of interest in socializing with colleagues, failed personal relationships, work is my life, career frustration, antagonistic relationship with supervisor. … 😉 Yeah, I’m a clear candidate for going postal. 😀

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