Obligatory post-holiday post

Leslie and I just woke up and are nursing some Starbucks Christmas blend coffee and watching the “I Love the ’80s Strikes Back” marathon.

Party went perfectly. I’ll post photos at a later time. This was Kadi’s first party not being caged, and she behaved rather well, although Shawn kept scaring the shit out of her with my various noisemakers and horns.

At midnight, we drank lots of champagne and ran out onto my balcony with our noisemakers. We were whooping and shouting and, well, waking up the neighborhood. The parking lot was overflowing as usual, but NOBODY was awake!!! We were the only people outside, and of course, the only apartment that was all lit up. Heh. Yep, all the crazy drunks congregate under my roof, and we love every minute of it!

Bryan and Paul have invited us over for the traditional pork festival — you know, good luck and all (which we all need desperately!). Of course, they had their own little pork festival in my bathroom shortly after midnight — damn it, I can’t believe I wasn’t the first person to have sex (with a partner, let’s make that clear!) in my own apartment!!!

In any event, I’m tired and must return to the coffee pot. How was YOUR New Year? Hope it was a splendid one!

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