Nummy!, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

We got a catered breakfast at work today, compliments of the building management because we are such expensive awesome tenants.

The creme brulee French toast on the right is superb. I may have to try to make that on my own. It would be the perfect item for a breakfast in bed, especially on a cruddy, rainy day like today in which you need Noah to navigate your little ship around the Beltway.

Mmm, warm breakfast on a cold day. ..

2 Responses to Nummy!

  1. chris hayes :

    Sure as hell beat my sticky buns.

    Oh, and for breakfast, i had froot loops.

  2. Pisco Sours :

    *munches forlornly on an apple and a granola bar*

    *looks down at shrinking stomach*

    *sees no abs yet*

    *is less forlorn anyway*

    But that creme brulee French toast does sound delicious!