Iz Friday nao? I can haz Caturday instead?

What a dreary day in D.C. that this is turning out to be. Something about a tornado watch and flood watch and blah, blah, blah, at least my car is getting washed by the rain. Whee.

I was in a great mood till I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” last night, and I always know it’s an amazing episode when I feel like total crap afterward. Between Preston Burke’s undeserved reward (and Cristina’s lack of acknowledgment as the REASON he “earned” that honor), the soldier who died alone with the (same-sex) love of his life being forced into the next room, Erica’s super-secret (OK, not really) crush on Callie, and Meredith trying so desperately to let Derek move on (who clearly does not WANT to move on), my heart just hurts.

I’ve always been a Mer/Der fan. When you find two people who are so alike that they are all wrong for anyone else who crosses their path, it seems like everything that happens when they’re apart is the universe poking a hot, sharp finger at them, telling them, “Why are you surprised when NOTHING ELSE works out when you two are apart. Do you not REALIZE that you won’t feel whole until you are together?”

Or maybe it’s just me, feeling the universe jabbing me straight in the sunburn. I dunno. I hear you, oh weary head and heart, try as I might to plug my ears and pretend I’m not listening. (*la la la*)

Maybe I just have something stuck in my craw because I went to the old office last night to pick up the TV they said I could take (and my name was on it). Oh yeah, and someone TOOK IT ALREADY. *bitchslap*

That’s the second TV that was stolen out from under me in eight months. Why is the universe keeping me from my televisions? Is it a sign to treat myself to a super-awesome one as a reward?

At least I feel cute today. That’s about the only thing this day has going for it. And as a beloved male friend reminded me, I’ve got a great rack, too. (Thanks!) So there, two positive things I can say about today! 😉

One Lonely Response to Iz Friday nao? I can haz Caturday instead?

  1. Bayou :

    That episode made me ache! But of course, I still loved it. Why are we such glutens for emotional punishment?