No, Virginia, there is no gay marriage clause

Shit like this just pisses me off beyond belief. I mean, now that Massachusetts has pioneered a possible path to acceptance for gay marriage, my adopted home state of Virginia is taking extra steps to ensure it never happens here.

Seriously, I want to go to Massachusetts and marry a woman right now just so I can prove a point. Really, who gives a shit and what difference does it make? Oh wait, spouses can be covered under each other’s insurance plans and be entitled to pensions and property in the event of death. God forbid that an occasional estate doesn’t get turned over to the county instead of to someone who deserves it. *sigh*

I’m getting older, and I’ve already figured out that the whole “fairytale” bullshit ain’t happenin’ for me — the expectation of career, marriage, family and retirement is more a dream than a potential reality here, so I’ve gotta think outside the box. I sure haven’t met the man of my dreams yet (or, if I have, I just haven’t realized it yet), and I don’t know if ever I will (or if ever I will catch him!). Maybe my fate might be to end up with a woman (insert “Strangers With Candy”‘s Jeri Blank’s quote, “I like the pole AND the hole!” And if that’s how it works out, fine. I just want to know that I’m not going to be treated like a freak of nature by society if that’s how my life happens to unfold.

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