My Ghettopoly shipped today!

The ever-wacktacular Jacko was arrested. And he got out on $3 million bail. Shit. I don’t even have $3 to my name to buy a pack of cigarettes. I guess when you’re rich, you can molest anybody you want (although I’d choose somebody a little closer to my age range!). Jane thinks Jacko might want to go to jail … that is, if it’s Juvenile Hall. 😉

And because it’s a slow news day, the Metro system approved a new bathroom policy. Sounds like it is easier to talk your way out of a speeding ticket than to convince Metro employees that you just have to pee really badly.

The decision comes tomorrow whether to fry Muhammad or let the fucker rot in jail on our tax bill. All I have to say is, “Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit!”

The Gemini horoscope sums up my typical workday: “Tolerating bad behavior can arouse anger. Despite well-justified fears about alienating co-workers, you’re better off confronting a situation. The problem is you’re overworked and underpaid.” But since WHEN have I worried about alienating my co-workers, who are alien life forms (or, rather, human corpses that have forgotten to fall over)?

Turned in my budget today for final approval by Finance. It took two hours to do the math on a half-million-dollar list of expenditures, but four hours to figure out how to plug them into this ridiculous Excel form that Finance asked us to use.

Parting thought: Doesn’t he look like the victim of a Cover Girl laboratory explosion? Shit, the man’s a caricature in his “natural” state — how would a caricaturist be able to distort this any more than it already is?

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