No hiding

Demure has been chasing me for two days about meeting. God damn it, why? I have plenty to do without spending an hour explaining myself to her. She wants to hear about the “trials and tribulations” of the last issue. They’re resolved, for crying out loud! Let me move on to the next set of problems, OK? (oh, well, the meeting’s at 10. wondrous.)

More scoop on the job interview (here) front — my interview is tomorrow morning, and there are three other candidates she liked and is recommending that Kumquat meet with. I’m so bitter, because I fought so hard for this job, only to have to fight for it one or two more times. Not. Fair. At. All. I also heard a nasty rumor that I might have to sit in on the candidates meeting with Kumquat, only I won’t be allowed to participate or ask questions. That would make sense if I were being promoted and I were helping to get to know my future staff, but this is strange. Not sure what to make of it.

I’ve been sniffing around, looking for other work. What could it possibly hurt?

One thing I do intend to say in my interview with Demure — that if I don’t get the editor job (that I’m already doing), I’m going for the newly opened membership director position — that director quit Monday and scheduled her last day to be less than a week before our Anaheim venture. Heh. I poked my head into the girl’s office and commented on her impeccable timing. 🙂 They’ve been messing around with her, and she’d had enough. I think I would have been more conscientious (I really do think she should stay through the convention, as she as such an integral part of it), but apparently she’s got a new job that pays three times more, so who can blame her?

In better news, I went domain name shopping yesterday. Oh, if only I had illustrating and web design skills! I have two businesses in the making, and at least I can be cybersquatting my names till I figure out how to build a page that isn’t a blog. Job opportunity: Gratuitous favors in exchange for Web help! 🙂

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