Munchkin patrol

Having spent three solid days running after an adorable infant named Alex, let’s just say I know now more than ever that I am meant to be an aunt, not a mommy. Sheesh. I’m exhausted!

I practically had to force myself on Shan as her nanny for the weekend. She’s just like me in that she won’t ask for help even if she’s on the underside of a tidal wave, but she definitely appreciates help when it shows up and takes over. If you’re going to do favors for people, always do them for people like this — it’s the only time you can feel a real sense of “I really helped!” She does so much for me that I wanted to help her during her big move in any way I could. And Alex and I are pals — she is happier with me than she is with her father’s mother, and Shan’s happy that I was the one around the house all weekend and NOT her crazy-ass mother-in-law, who requires more babysitting than the actual baby in the house!

Alex was great. She’s very high-maintenance, so you have to have all eyes on her at any given time if you want to have any peace of mind. We sang songs, watched “Elmo” DVDs, played with our toes, looked in the mirror, had bottles (hers were full of formula; mine of water), danced, read books, played with toys, waved at the kitties, etc. Whew — that takes a lot of energy! But it gave Shan and John some much-needed time to pack boxes and clean out storage units and — gasp! — have a meal!

Work was good on Friday (dare I utter the words aloud, or the feeling may vanish!). Cruise Director surprised me by empowering me. My staff takes a really good feeling from the meeting, but always the cynic, I have my reservations. I’ve had too many ideas shot down and my heart broken too often to be anything other than cautiously hopeful. But I’ll rise to the occasion. I always do.

Ironically, I got a call on Friday from a company that wants to interview me for a job. I inflated my salary requirements a bit, and they still called! I’m not sure what to do — there is a real chance things can get better at work, but there’s an equal possibility that they won’t. It’s for a communications director type of position, which is what I wanted. But then again, I never expected to love what I do now, which is editorial. Oh, if Demure!TM would just fucking retire already, I know I’d want to stay where I am … and not forever, mind you, but long enough to see what kind of changes I can/will make and how much support I will get without her dragging her feet and clenching her hands around the throat of progress, as Shan likes to call it.

Anyway, off to work, although I could use another 12 hours of sleep. Damn, never worked as hard in my life as I did this weekend with the adorable 1 year old with boundless energy!

On iTunes: Jill Scott, “It’s Love”

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