Eye of the hurricane

One hour till the gang meets with Cruise Director. The meeting will either go really well or really not well. I am hoping for the former. I don’t know what to expect — I asked his assistant what I could do to prepare for the meeting, and she told me to bring “my pretty little self.” That reeks of an ambush, but I’ve been wrong before, although not very often! The thing is, I get quiet and go through meetings saying as little as possible, whereas my staff are more than happy to share their thoughts in no uncertain terms. I spout off all the time, so when it’s time to go behind a closed-door and I have no idea what is going to be discussed, I retreat to my “happy place.”

Even though my former CEO drove me to an anxiety disorder, she did have a great story that came to mind. She said how you should never fear being called into the CEO’s office. She recounted how she would be called to the principal’s office as a child, and she’d skip happily down the halls, expecting that the principal wanted to personally congratulate her on being a model student. The moral to the story was that you should be doing the best job possible and you shouldn’t have any guilt whatsoever if you’ve given your best all along. Heh. Says her. The story/moral is superb, but I went into her office WAY too many times, knowing I gave my work a 110 percent effort, but she’d still manage to rape me of my dignity and shove my tail up my ass for me,

In any event, I really did work my ass off during the past two days. Oh, no wait, the ass is still there — big as ever. *sigh* Long hours = many drive-thru trips. And I’d say one order out of six has been correct.

I’m babysitting Alex today — I’m excited about this. She’s almost 1 year old now, so she’s fun, although she can exhaust even the most energetic of people. But it will be nice to focus on someone who doesn’t induce knots in my neck or pains in my ass!

On iTunes: Lili Haydn, “Come Here”

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