I’ve been doing laundry for the past few hours, but only washing. Some dumbass claimed the two dryers for the better part of today, and she left her shit in there until I finally got mad and emptied one of the machines. I don’t dry most of my clothes, but I had a pile of jeans and bathroom rugs waiting for a tumble.

The bitch finally came to get her laundry as I was loading my dryer. (I had very nicely piled her shit in the laundry tub she’d left in there.) She touched the stuff and complained that it was still wet. What the hell? Did she think I’d run them through another cycle for her? Wasn’t it bad enough I waited TWO HOURS for her before I finally got pissed off enough to claim the dryer for myself?

Then, after snapping at me, she actually held the door for me so I could exit with my freshly dried pile of denim. I wanted to tell her not to do me any fucking favors, but I graciously thanked her and wandered upstairs.

What bugs me the most is that she’s in the apartment right next to the laundry room — like she couldn’t have waddled her ass over there sooner. Dipshit. I hate neighbors.

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