*happy sigh*

Quote of the night:“He’s neurotic; he’s needy. He’s like everyone I date.” — Thom, on “Queer Eye.”

I’m much more relaxed than I was an hour ago. I forgot to mention the most important part of production night — little Alex stopped by! Shan and John brought her by to meet Angie and Scot, and of course to let Aunt Dawn hold her. I didn’t want to let her go — she just gets cuter every day. Not to mention, she’s three times bigger than when she was born — she’s at a healthy 12 pounds now! woo hoo! I used to be able to hold her with one hand, then one arm. Now she fills up both arms — it’s just amazing, how much she’s overcome to be so strong today.

Seriously, this kid is so ridiculously adorable that it almost made me want one of my own. Almost, of course! 😉

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