Morning good

As I cannot have morning *wood*, this is the next best thing.

Had an amazing sex dream last night. I met up with James Spader, of “Sex, Lies and Videotape” fame, and even though I’ve never been the least bit drawn to him, he made for a hell of a good lay in my dream. 🙂 He was sultry and sexy and turbulent when he touched me in the dream. He would be nice and charming when other folks were around, but when no one was looking, he would practically devour my neck with kisses (my ultimate turn-on, for those taking notes!). He was spontaneous and forceful and rough, and I’ll have to admit, it was a long time since I got it *good* like that. Don’t get me wrong — I have enjoyed the gentle sweetness of many partners past, but I myself am animalistic and sometimes play a little rougher than other parties would have expected, so I am in need of reciprocation on that front. 😉

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be raped — per se — but the feeling of being out of control and being completely overtaken by a sexual partner is eerily erotic. My sexual energy is high, and I most often find myself in the position of the initiator (teaching by example, if you will), but I am in charge both at work and in the bedroom and oftentimes crave to be dominated and powerless to strength from above and quivering from below.

*blows the dust off the ol’ vibrator … can’t waste this energy just sitting here, blogging.* 😉

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