Morning good, part deux

OK, by some freak of nature, Bon Jovi was on QVC last night — they did interviews during their soundcheck in San Jose, Calif., and later in the night, we got to see snippets of the concert (as the concert in D.C. was sold out, this was my only chance to see them live this year). Holy can-I-get-a-change-of-underwear Batman! That Jon can fill out a pair of leather pants like none other — I was weak in the knees, picturing those thighs wrapped around me. … 😉 *pant*

The QVC aspect kind of sucked, as they had to have *constant* commentary from two QVC hosts who were at the concert — the one girl talked through all the songs, and they kept taking the camera away from the band on the stage and showing live video of the CD/DVD they were hawking. Yes, they had the live concert going on in the background, and the CD was sitting on a ledge somewhere, and that’s what you mostly saw. It was pitiful.

I am, though, a proud new owner of said DVD/CD, although I will probably end up selling the CD online, as I already have it. I wasn’t able to order on their website (you bastards! catch up with the fucking technology and make it accessible for my computer!), so I had to call in and wait forever. I was hoping to be patched through to ask the band a question, as they were putting the most illiterate and gushy-girly types through, who only professed their love for the boys from New Jersey and had no questions. (I wanted to ask them about sponsoring a charity concert that would benefit my pet cause, Ribbon of Promise.) Oh well. I guess there was no room for literacy or intelligent life on QVC last evening.

Unrelated … As a side dish, are my hormones out of whack, or is Justin Timberlake kind of hot in a jailbait kind of way?!?! Of course, there’s something about him that reminds me of Brat, so that could be it, but I would let Timberlake “rock my body” any damn time he feels like it! 😉


To make myself feel better for accidentally ending up in Silver Spring, Md., today due to a wrong turn in Northwest D.C., I bought Timberlake’s “Justified” CD at Boutique Tar-zhay, and I listened to “Rock Your Body” all the way home from Springfield, Va. Amusingly, he recorded the song in Virginia Beach. And I can totally sing that chick’s part on pitch. 😉

“Talk to me boy

No disrespect, I don’t mean no harm

Talk to me boy

But I can’t wait to have you in my arms

Talk to me boy

Hurry up cause you’re taking too long

Talk to me boy

Better have you naked by the end of this song.”

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