More work than play, despite the photo

Grand Canal

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I wish I could say that being away has given me a chance to relax, clear my head and regain my long-since burned-out spark. Not so much. But I’m working on it.

I’ m having a great time, though, at an event I used to work at but now I’m allowed to simply hang and be just like the average attendee. It’s cool in that I get lunch breaks and can tool around in my flip-flops. The frequent phone-ringing and the near-continual beeping or vibrating of my phone every time I get an e-mail (1,000 in two days) is enough to drive me nuts, though. But there are worse things.

Being incognito is weird, since everyone else in the traveling circus knows me when they see me all spiffed up. Now that I’m lying low, people I have met no fewer than a half-dozen times say, “Nice to meet you” when I approach them and say it’s good to see them again.

Hunh?!?! I mean, I know I have MY groupies when I’m working the circuit (who are either absent or who haven’t found me yet), but now I’m nothing more than a groupie to people I’ve ridden in the clown car with for several years!

Oh well. At least I don’t HAVE to be nice or visible if I don’t want to be. 😉

Had my first really awesome meal here last night. Met up with two old friends (I told you it’s a circuit!) for a crazy-good dinner of Asian fusion cuisine at a world-class resort. And someone else picked up the bill — always a sweet treat after an already amazing night.

*checks time on phone* Well, enough of a break. Gotta go get smarter, although I think entirely too much of this shit is over my head and I’ve got to do something to remedy that. We all know I hate not being the smartest person in the room, although I’ve held my own fairly well in any regard. ….

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