Day one in the lap of luxury

Weather’s Fine Here!

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I couldn’t get into my iced-over car yesterday morning. Which would normally be fine but since I had a flight to catch, well, damn.

I tried everything. I could get into the trunk (which I’d just carefully packed with all my purple Nine West luggage, but the doors were soldered shut. I unpacked the trunk to see if I could crawl in through the backseat. But my too-loose jeans, unbelted so as to reduce my security-line hassles — kept falling off every time I tried to stick my foot into the trunk. So, FAIL there.

I was hopping around like a freaking Mexican jumping bean, as I wasn’t wearing a coat (as I was traveling to a warmer clime, as you can see in the photo. I was also pullin’ up mah pants every two minutes, in between yanking on both car doors with all my might. (I was able to get in through the passenger side. Whee.)

I did make my flight on time — and thank God, ’cause I missed the last two and I wasn’t going for a third strike here.

And how nice to go from iced-over vehicle to palm trees and 70-degree weather. Aaah, life is hard.

Of course I’m starting to get sick. Haven’t been ill in nearly a year but traveling with the unwashed masses has done me in. I tried to sweat it out on the treadmill last night, and then I parked my pudgy butt in the steam room to clear up my sinuses and soaked in the hot pool to get rid of all the body aches.

I do have to say that I blew my diet last night. I was happy to go to bed hungry, but I was dizzy from cold meds and sweating my ass off, so I walked to a neighboring hotel for cheap, fast food. (As this hotel only has overpriced, slow-to-get food.)

And when I got to my room to devour my delicious, delicious diet-busting food, the assholes in the adjoining suite were having a big, loud party. Did I mention big and loud?

My body clock was ticking that it was midnight and even Nyquil wasn’t knocking me out over their shrieking and smoking (on a nonsmoking floor), so I called security and they were all silent within 20 minutes and I got the best sleep of my life.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself today, as my conference really doesn’t get interesting for another couple of hours. I did buy a three-day pass to the spa, but I actually am all dressed/dolled up and don’t want to get all skunked, only to have to be presentable in short order. I just hope I have some time tonight to go park my ass in paradise and get my money’s worth.

I remember being here before and wishing I was in better shape so that I’d be confident about being in the spa. Well, 40 pounds lighter and yes, I am way more comfortable, but I still have a ways to go. I’m not sure I’ll be back here next year, since this was an unbudgeted treat, but I do hope to come back on my own and really feel like I rock.

I’m extraordinarily bummed that my planned travel companion couldn’t make it with me on this journey. Makes me wonder whether we’re ever going to make any magic happen, if the “easy” things like this can’t even come together. I still wonder whether I’ll be surprised, though. …

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