‘Living confidence’

I’m not going to be original today (because I am up to something and I’m staying on the downlow), but I did want to share something that inspired me today:

Living confidence

Think of confidence not as something you need, or as something you must somehow acquire before taking action. Instead, see confidence as something you do, as something you express, and then go do it.

Real confidence comes from the act of investing yourself in it. Real confidence comes with action, not in advance of action.

If you wait in idleness for confidence to somehow magically come, it never will, but there is no need to wait. Everything you need to take action is there, whether you are confident or not.

Confidence can add a powerful positive dimension to all you do. To make confidence take hold, build it with your actions.

Let go of the myth that you must first be confident before proceeding forward. Go ahead, make the effort, and the confidence will surely come to add even more power to your actions.

Stop waiting, stop wishing for confidence. Go ahead, take action, and start living the experience of it.

— Ralph Marston

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