How to irritate an editor

I love letters to the editor, even if they are telling me that I am a freak who is in favor of child molestation (which I am not) and that I am too sympathetic toward sex offenders (again, which I am not).

The common thread (other than insanity, fingerpointing and whining) among the 10 letters I received was a complaint that I didn’t get a professional rebuttal that was specific to the interviewee’s personal statements (I suppose they’re right, although I do submit the excuse that I wrote the story on furlough days; therefore, it was unpaid time, so they’re lucky they had a story to read. LOL). But the beauty of the vicious and twisted viewpoints these “professionals” presented was that they have just provided the balance they sought. Wonderful. Happy now?

Word to the wise: if you ever write a letter to the editor, kindly do NOT use the editor’s name in every sentence. Especially when it’s a two-page fax that I’m going to have to type in anyway. Really — I like my name, and I hate hearing you use it, especially when you rant for two pages but fail to make any real point.

And this “Have a nice day!” shit at the end of your rant — really, a woman sent in an exhaustive but fairly intelligent argument, but when she ended her letter with that, well, she lost my respect and attention. Quit while you’re ahead, friends. That’s all I’m askin’ here.

Now that everyone’s had a chance to say their peace … can’t we all just get along? Finally?!?!

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