I’ve been meaning to do laundry for weeks, but the thought of dragging 10 bags of clothes to the car and going to some ghetto laundromat just makes me ill.

Besides, “Message in a Bottle” is still on. *swoon* I’ll leave after that. Maybe. 🙂

I love this movie. Never lived it though — I usually find men who are attached to their mothers, their exes or to OPPs.

The noise around here quieted down around 11 last night, at which time I made myself a few cocktails and tried to forget about my frayed nerves. Of course, at 9 a.m., another car alarm went off. The thing is, I could tell it was an accident — the poor guy parked next to me set it off and jumped 10 feet. He scurred for a few minutes to make it stop, and when it did, several people around here started honking and yelling. Funny how nobody said a word when it was the greaseball who was doing it incessantly last night.

I put up some Halloween decorations last night. Had to lock the cats in my bedroom to do so. I hung 25 feet of shimmery spiders from the ceiling. In theory, it would’ve been easy, but this is me we’re talking about. They’re hanging by pushpins and Scotch tape. I wait for one cat to breathe on them, and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down, with their nasty breath. 😉

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