One of my old colleagues died.

And lest you think “old” and “long life lived,” let me correct that mindset.

She was young and beautiful and blonde and full of life and always always ALWAYS had a sweet smile and comment for everyone.

We haven’t seen each other in years. But she liked a lot of my Facebook photos and left thoughtful and kind comments when the mood struck. Which, given how beautiful and kind and popular and world-traveler-y as she was, was surprisingly often.

I am super-sad I didn’t get to know her as well as I could.


There were a whole bunch of shitheads who were turned off by her beauty. Granted, she didn’t exactly dress in traditional office-wear. She always looked like she was one clothing item away from stripping and going to the beach.

I loved that about her.

She didn’t see her beauty. I mean, maybe she did. But she seemed to love life and it loved her right on back.

Her sister had a baby a few years back. And the baby’s father died very young. So my friend packed up everything and went to be with them. That’s how good a person she is.

I heard she was coming back to town not just a week ago. She checked in from someplace in northern Florida. I figured she was on her way.

She never made it. And, from what I’m gathering, that was her own choice.

I. Am. NOT. OK.

I reached out to the friend who introduced us. I said I can’t picture this crazy world without her helping to make it turn.

Maybe he’ll tell me more. Or confirm what I hope I don’t really know.

Either way.

Lauren, sending you SO MUCH LOVE from our old office in Delray Beach.

Too little too late. But it was always there.

Everyone else, “love the one you’re with” if you must. But maybe just maybe grow a set and love the one you REALLY love — and let them know it and FEEL IT.

You’d be real surprised to know they might have been hoping you’d say just that all along.

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