Laundry list

The Percocet that I washed down with three vodka shots last night is still kicking my ass.

To add to that haze, I spent two and a half hot hours at a ghetto laundromat today (of course, they’re all ghetto around here). I got kinda pissed because the lady who ran it was either doing her own laundry or she was doing the “wash & fold” service for people who drop off their skivvies. Either way, she was using several washers and dryers, and I had to use one dryer to do three consecutive loads. And that didn’t count the load I brought home to hang instead of dry. She should’ve had her own washers behind the counter for whatever she was doing.

Before I left the house, though, when I started dragging out my bags-o-guchies ‘n ‘at, Short Bus (aka Kadie) decided to run past me and down the front steps. I dropped everything — including my bag-o-quarters — to run after her and catch her. Brat. Kitty for sale!!! (Maddie’s making up signs right now — “Free Pussy! Get it while it’s hot!”)

I have to do something to earn money. I have now bounced seven checks in two months. I need to quit checking my mail — this is disheartening. I need to replace some furniture that quite didn’t make it to/through the move, and well, I suppose I need to be able to pay the bills that are a year past due before I make any new purchases. *sigh* I need to marry me a sugar daddy or somethin’.

I’ve done a lot of offline blogging today, and will continue to do so. Nothing exotic is happening — I just need some alone time to think and rant. The phone’s off and will stay that way until I am done with my musings.

Michele wants to know who you were on Sept. 11, 2001. I made a brief submission, including photos of NYC and D.C., but I will expound upon that when the anniversary date arrives. But I’ve been thinking about it — the girl I was is long gone, but not forgotten.

I visited my nephews/godchildren Kirby and Jynx today, to let them play outside and then to hang out with them for awhile. They’re so loving and so happy to see me. I think my girls are just happy to see me because they know I give out the food in this house. 🙂

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