Happy birthday Wobin!

It’s my mom’s birthday!!!

She’s Robin, but to all of us who know and love her, she’s Wobin (because her friend’s now-14-year-old son called her that when he was a wee munchkin).

Miss you, Mom! 🙂

She probably wants a grandchild for her birthday, but until vibrators start being packaged with vials of sperm, she will have to keep enjoying Maddie and the Short Bus cat, who’s now answering to Short Bus and Kadi. 🙂

Mom got a new car for her birthday (she and my grandfather traded in their lemon Sebring for a 2004 Sunfire. My 2002 Samantha Jones is so jealous! Mom got red (racy just like her!) so that my little blue one will still feel special. 🙂

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