There are no words for how today is going. If you are on my buddy list, you received a copy of the Veggie Patch president sitting on a throne with a lei around his pudgy little neck. This is, of course, in addition to the baby grand piano he wanted in his hotel room as well as the violinist. Oh, and we just had a furlough day last Friday and another one next Friday. Fun, eh?

The columns suck this month (shocker), I haven’t had a minute to write my own crap stories, some asshole gave me a column last night, which I edited between 11 p.m. and midnight. The last piece, well, idiot decided to re-write the whole article since then, so all of my edits are null. The Queen of the Underworld has made progress on the Gestapo she wants to create to oversee my work, and she had one of her cronies write a horrible e-mail about me to everyone in power. I know it was one of her cronies because he praised the column she writes for me. Oh, and she wrote half of this month’s column in Spanish and got pissy when I wrote back for some clarifications. Cunt.

I burst into tears today with my supervisor — I told her that between the CEO being on the rag all the time where I’m concerned, the power trips of the leaders (oh and yeah, Fatass President/Pride Fag wants photos of the conference ASAP to show to his boyfriend. That’s the only reason. I’ve gotten 17 e-mails forwarded to me to this effect. He doesn’t care that I have to pull together a 64-page newspaper by this time next week — scanning 500 photos is way more important to him), and just general morale issues are killing me. Specifically where CEO is concerned, his piss-fuck attitude toward me and joy of embarrassing me in public is exactly the reason why I left my last job — public humiliation wasn’t under “other duties as assigned,” last I checked.

Anyway, the throne photo went around the office a few times. I am glad people are as pissed off as I am about it — it’s the only thing that’s warming my frozen little heart this afternoon!

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