Judges’ score: 9.0!

Ever watched the Demi Moore/Rob Lowe Brat-Pack-esque movie “About Last Night”? There’s a scene in which a young Megan Mulally (of “Will and Grace” fame) is a hot-to-trot horny gal who tosses her hair when she is hitting on guys. Demi and a friend sit in the bar watching her, holding up cocktail napkins with scores and yelling, “Bravo! 9.0!” like a pair of judges at an Olympic event, commending her use of the hair flip to move in on unsuspecting men.

Mom and I have used the “9.0!” rating system for years. And, I must admit, I am the living embodiment of Megan’s character — I unconsciously flip my hair when I’m talking to cute boys.

I was at the National Mall recently and was chatting with Mom on my headset. Some chick walked up to me and handed me a flyer. I walked away and read it — an advertisement to come to a Republican convention. I shrieked and said to Mom, “But I’m a Democrat!” A very hot young guy nearby, who was also distributing the offensive flyers, quipped, “We won’t hold that against you!”

So what did I do? Flipped my fucking hair and grinned at him. And lost the too-loose ring I was wearing somewhere within the ol’ rat’s nest.

Mom was laughing at me because all she knew was that I lost my ring. She said, “9.0! You flipped your hair, didn’t you?”

If there was ever any doubt that she had some kind of psychic connection to me, this proves it. 🙂

And the hair flip is just a nervous habit. I would never try to attract a Republican! LOL.

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