Break from the regularly scheduled navel-gazing

They say when you aren’t looking for something, somehow it finds its way to you.

That said, I actually met someone last night. Amazing.

I took Shan out to dinner (one of our last outings *sob*) and a movie last night. And I met a nice guy. Shocking!

Ball’s in my court — I have taken to not giving out my number because that way I’m not hurt if they don’t call. 😉 But then, it’s not like I ever get around to looking people up, either. So whatever. But damn, it felt good — here I was thinking I had grown a huge goiter and a third eyeball, but I suppose they retracted for the evening. 😉

I was kind of waiting for one or two someone elses to get off their duffs, but I don’t wait around. Much. Maybe if I have a little distraction, other things would perk themselves up while, of course, I wasn’t looking.

On iTunes: Lisa Hall, “Is This Real?”

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