Is it Friday yet??

Mac Guy sent me a PDF of the newspaper layout at 4 a.m. He also attached a note saying that, hell, we’re already at 52 pages — how about I come up with 4 more pages, because with 56, we’re freer with wherever we can place color throughout the rag. I replied back, “How about not?”

Paper goes to bed tomorrow. And I’ll be damned if I have to come up with four more pages of content and ads. I busted my boo-tay to get the editorial side together this month, as I do every month. I have no love for this paper right now. None whatsoever. I suggested that he turn my color photos into black-and-whites instead. Frankly, I saw how little reaction I received (positive or negative) on last month’s grand 64-page issue, and I guess I just don’t feel like scrambling for a 56-pager when the 52-pager is almost done. Really, though, it’s not that much more effort, but I just was looking forward to having a light day today, given the fact that I worked through the weekend and put in a 12-hour workday on Monday.

That’s the problem with having to meet my own high standards — it’s impossible to exceed them (i.e., no more 64-page papers in the forseeable future!). Besides, I’ll probably get my ass kicked for spending the extra money on papers above 40 pages, which is all that we’re budgeted for. I suppose that I have a long tradition of agency average to uphold. 🙂

Oh, what the hell. You know I’ll probably end up adding the extra pages. Like, what else do I have to do, other than edit all of them and convert them, page by page, to PDFs? 🙂

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