Yesterday, Mom tried to tell me that I have to realize that I am not invincible, but damn it, she’s wrong. 🙂 Amid yesterday’s bloodletting at the dentist (god damn! I could fill the Blood Bank by myself!), I got my nails done, went to four fucking pharmacies till I could get my Percocet prescription filled (and then, it was only a generic), got my car washed, vacuumed it and went shopping. 🙂

Just found out that my bank balance is a negative $150. Woops. Why can’t I balance a checkbook to save my life? Too bad payday isn’t for another week! Perhaps I will see what the credit card balances are so that I can make sure Maddie has enough to eat till I get back into town on the 26th.

Got a nice congratulatory call from Shan’s dad whilst I was under the knife yesterday. A promotion’s a promotion, I guess, even if it doesn’t change the fact that I work for the cruise directors at Club Medicated. But that doesn’t mean I have to stay there forever … just till I get back on my feet financially (which could very well take an eternity, but still it beats moving back to Pittsburgh, where life is more afforable — I’m just not done getting my adventures outta my system yet). I have a lot of things I want/need to do this summer, so I might as well be lost among the vegetation at work while I’m having a chaotic existence outside of work.

Damn it, my meds wore off, only I want to go out and enjoy this beautiful afternoon — the car’s sparkling clean and wants to show herself off!

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