Executive Summary

1. Negotiated the salary up $2k — still way below industry standards, though. Am able, however, to hire immediately and have been budgeted for additional training, so that’s a plus. Asked for shortened workweeks or at least one Friday off a month, but no. Good news is, I showed that I am a force to be reckoned with, and that I play hardball when it matters to me. The salary negotiation ensures that I keep receiving the same paycheck that I’ve been getting since January. And it will look good on a resume to make, ultimately, a $12K jump within six months.

2. Got a new cell phone plan so I can have more minutes of flappin’ my yapper.

3. Scheduling a trip to the homeland in the very near future — my vacation time was just approved. w00t!

4. About to have two wisdom teeth yanked. Hope I’ll feel well enough to keep my nail appointment!

5. Need to go eat my last supper until my damn mouth heals from tonight’s dental drama. Later gators!

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