In an event to avoid doing work, I’m doing laundry and trying to find a place for every clothing item I own. Unfortunately, I’m shoving shit into suitcases and boxes, just to get it out of sight, and I still don’t have enough room.

In 2003, I will need to:

1. Stop buying clothing, even if it is on super-discount and looks super-cute.

2. Purchase a new stereo (the one in the living room is shot).

3. Purchase a new TV (the one in my bedroom, along with the VCR, are a decade old and are nearly ready for pasture.

3. Purchase new bedroom furniture. I bought this set in 1994 (although the bed is new), but in order to find black lacquer furniture then, I had to buy a set meant for a teenager. Although I have grown, my dressers have not.

4. Purchase new glasses and finish up some dental work. Root canals and crowns are so damn expensive!

5. Purchase a new computer. The iMac is five years old and I now can no longer run Entourage and IE at the same time. Damn memory hogs.

6. Purchase an iPod. No explanation needed there!

7. Purchase some sort of large and reliable filing system. I have 10 years of paperwork and writing clips that are in two dozen separate boxes throughout the house.

And, oh what the hell …

8. Purchase a four-bedroom house. I have enough stuff with which to fill one up!

Anyway, just a random rant, not meant to be read by the masses, but I don’t know WTF else to do with myself right now.

In better news, I ~*heart*~ Dryel — I just “dryer-cleaned” six suits! To think of all the money I used to blow on real dry cleaning (um, $50/week. Yikes!), and I spent a mere $10 on today’s washing endeavors. w00t! Although this stuff gets wrinkled as all hell. ::sigh:: Always a drawback, eh?

There were people skiing across our complex today. Totally made my day. I even got a photo! I’ll try to post it later this week.

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