God damn it.

I suppose it was the weekly medium hazelnut coffee at Dunkin Donuts that is disturbing my sleep, although it never has before. Perhaps it was also the six pre-bedtime cigarettes I wolfed down, after two days without a smoke. Perhaps it is knowing that I have to get up reaaaally early for work tomorrow. At any rate, I’m awake, I’m perky and I’m pissed!

And I’m one itchy bitch, too. I’m certain it’s stress-related, although the only time I’m not breaking out in hives is when I’m driving. Which is surprising, given the sheer insanity of most Northern Virginia drivers. Perhaps I am becoming more accustomed to them. Perhaps — *shudder* — I have become one of them.

I don’t mind being a radical Virginia driver. What I would mind, though, is becoming another pod in the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” otherwise known as my workplace. Quelle nightmare, Batman! No wonder I can’t fucking sleep.

So I’ve spent the last half hour perusing for giggles. There are some really nice apartment complexes in the area. I’ve decided that I want to move to the City of Alexandria, if for no other reason than, simply, that I’d like it. I gave up on Arlington after I realized that I don’t like my job enough to sit in I-395 traffic twice a day (and Metro-ing it is out of the question). I saw a place that had a den, and it was under $900. Not that I have $900, but if I pick up some freelance work, it could happen. There was another place that has a special for $750, all utils included, that also has hardwood floors. *drool* That one’s definitely on the “to visit” list. After last week’s box avalanche, it would be nice to have enough space to unpack said crushed boxes. 🙂

What frosts my flakes, though, is the outrageous pet deposits and monthly pet rents. I’ve seen anywhere from $200 to $500 for one to two cats. Sweet Jesus! Most humans are filthier than my cat, who only lies on her sofa and occasionally gets up to visit her food station. And to pay up to $30 per month rent for her on top of that is just ludicrous. Until the fabulous feline gets an income of her own, no pet rents. In fact, no telling anyone that I have a cat. Fer crissakes, most people don’t know that I have a cat until she comes out from under the bed and starts begging them for treats and scratches behind her ears. I dumped a ridiculous flat $300 at this joint, and believe me, the humans did a bang-up job on destroying the place a hell of a lot faster than the four-legged creature could ever do.

Seems like everyone’s moving this summer, and y’all know how much I hate not being part of the trend. 🙂 But if I could encourage the Veggie Patch Mis-Management to allow me to work from home more, it might be worth the investment, pain, agony and torture. Hell, I’m already packed from the last move! 😉

I have to be awake in four and a half hours. Fuck me running.

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