Dancing Queen, part 5

Class was rather anticlimactic. I danced with Dave most of the time and Mike for the rest. We’re down to seven participants in the class. Deirdre is in New Orleans for a tennis tournament, and Bonnie couldn’t make it again, so I hope the whole gang is together for our last class. I see exchanging of phone numbers (certain persons named Mike in particular *wink*) as being mandatory.

I asked Mike what brought him to the class, and he said that he’s the best man in two weddings this summer, and he thought it would be nice to know how to dance at the receptions. *awwwww!!!* How sweet! I almost felt bad for not paying attention and screwing up the steps, knowing that he didn’t even take the class for fun. 😉

I was pleased today when finally, the girls had an easier time and the guys had to twirl around us. Ha! Then, we learned a step where, after the guys twirled, so did the girls. Bah! And then the instructor used me as teacher’s pet to show the rest of the class how to do it. I did fine with her (thank god!) and didn’t manage to kill her, although I did protest vehemently to using me as the model by which the other ladies should learn the steps. 🙂

Next week will just be a review of everything we learned, which should be fun. I never *get* the steps on the night I learn them, but I somehow remember them and do them somewhat correctly the next week, so this should be entertaining, if nothing else. See Dawn dance! See Dawn sign up for classes at Mosaic Makers next. LOL. Dave is talking about taking ASL classes next, but all I ever learned from ASL classes is two different ways to say “bullshit.” Of course, I took the class at Easter Seals, which was nothing BUT bullshit at my particular affiliate (the Western Pennsylvania headquarters in Pittsburgh, for those keeping track of my employment follies).

Dave asked Mike and Stephanie to join us in a donut run, but they declined. I guess things ain’t meant to be there, but oh well. Straight men typically have no interest in hanging out with me — I guess I’ll be a fag hag for life! 😉

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