Insane in the Mercury retrograde

The definition of insanity is of course doing the same things again and again, in anticipation of a different result. 

Retrograde, and especially this cycle, brings up old and and resolved issues for you to face them head-on. You know, instead of leaving them in the past where they belong. 

In other words, insanity. 

I’ve been having landlord issues again. The resolution is that it’s time to go. I mean it this time. 

Consider that a week ago, my mover butt-dialed me. Which I wasn’t aware one could do with smartphones. But I knew it was a sign.

The next day, two toilets broke and I got in another fight with Scumby the Holy Rolling Handyman. I ended up hiring a pro and instead of biting the cost like my lease says I should, I deducted it from the rent. Hell and warfare ensued. 

I knew the mover calling was a sign.  So for yuks, I found a place in Boca I like. My realtor is seeing if it’s still available. 

What else? Snow White’s Band of Married Men is a good place to start. Especially now that some of them aren’t anymore. Not gonna worry about that until I see a white horse waiting outside this dump. But that would require me giving out my address. Which, fat chance because I’m moving!

Some old work issues have resurfaced too. This retrograde cycle hasn’t been bad; it’s just like the Ghost of Christmas Past. Old issues, new faces. And old issues and old faces too. Another day, another incredibly shrinking paycheck.

The more things change …

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