In the Spirit of Maddie’s Aunt Tom. …

I will now light MYSELF on fire!!!

Still at work, working on a story that’s gonna give me a nervous condition. I did so many interviews for it, yet I don’t even have enough information, if you can believe that. Another story on which I spent the majority of the day is at 3,500 words (from my target of 1,800) and spiraling — I know I ask my interviewees good questions and therefore provoke good answers, but is there a point when one is too good? lol. SM just brought me a sandwich from Subway for dinner — she so very totally rocks!!!

Today’s sense of deja vu is stronger than ever. Damn it. It’s not a bad thing … I figure that deja vu symbolizes a human’s subconscious acknowledgement and acceptance that the world is turning properly and life is happening exactly as it should be. But it still weirds me out that I feel like I’ve lived this day before. 🙂

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