‘Idol’ time

OK, as an IKEA armchair critic, I am having a hell of a hard time figuring out who gets my vote tonight. Typically, the judges mix strong performers with mediocre ones during these initial audience-vote nights, but I have seen three out of six (so far) who are worthy of my vote.

I agree thus far with the judges that the male performers have given fairly vanilla performances. I know someone’s not going to make it if I find myself singing along with them (i.e., Erksine with “Open Arms” and Marque with a really good but not-star-quality “Wind Beneath My Wings”). But when I get chills (i.e., with Jennifer Hudson, Katie Webber and Diana DeGarmo), I know I want them to advance to the next round. I could listen to Ashley and like her, but in this pool of talent, she kind of falls toward the middle of the crop.

*commercial break*

Hmm, that Matt guy is kind of hot. Doability factor: 10. Song: 10 (one of my favorites: Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis). Talent: 8 — he (or maybe it’s the Karaoke music) makes it sound like a showtune, and this is a soulful song. But his voice is okay — I think it could be stronger. Next.

Fantasia sounds like a nitwit in interviews, but we’ll see how she does, because the voice is incredible, even if I don’t enjoy watching her.

Hmm. I think I’m voting for Jennifer. Who are YOU rooting for?

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