‘Idol’ bashing

“American Idol” was just for shit last night. Really. And this is the second week in a row that I’ve voted for one of the winners, but that’s not what I’m annoyed about. Did you catch the camera angles, or, rather, lack thereof? It’s like all the videographers were whacking off when someone would say, “Camera Two!” And Camera Two’s lens was on the screaming chick’s ass or the redheaded boy’s eyebrow or someone else’s hairline. Ugh. It was like watching “Arrested Development” — I was nauseated the whole half hour of the program.

Next week’s Wild Card show promises to be good — they brought back people I voted for who lost, although why they picked three out of last night’s cesspool is beyond me. I can’t believe the 16-year-old Dean Martin crooner was America’s top choice last night, but crazier still that the Idol producers didn’t bring back Scooter Girl or the chick who sang a song about her gay boyfriend in the Hollywood elimination rounds. Yeah, I know, they only picked people who had already starred in a semi-finals show, but still. It’s like listening to mental patients screaming for meds, the talent has been so lacking lately. God.

You all know I am a Melissa Etheridge fan, but after Lisa Wilson YELLED “Come to My Window,” I had to delete the song from its heavy iTunes rotation. Seriously, it takes a lot for me to hate a song (usually it happens only after I associate a song with someone I come to abhor), and well, she did it. Congratulations for giving me the heebs, Lisa. Practice before the next time you sing, mmm kay?

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